In today’s society,

Materialism is idolized

Immorality is glamorized

While truth is minimized

Sin is normalized

Divorce is rationalized

Abortion is legalized

On the Internet and TV,

Crime is legitimized

Drug use is minimized

Comedy is vocalized

Sex is trivialized

Meanwhile, the Bible is factionalized

Churches are vandalized

God is marginalized

While Christians are demoralized

The elderly are dehumanized

The sick are euthanized

The poor are victimized

The mentally ill are ostracized

Our children are traumatized

Even in our families,

Manners are uncivilized

Our speech, vocalized

Our faith is secularized

and everything is commercialized

We Christians are disorganized

Our priests are demoralized

Our witness is compromised

What do we need to do?

We need

Our worship to be revitalized

Our differences to be minimized

Our members to be mobilized

Our marriages and families

to be re-organized

The lost to be evangelized

And every one of us needs

to be re-evangelized!